TOM GIESLER my anatomy

TOM GIESLER my anatomy - lovely pictures for biology teachers everywhere


qliner hotkeys: an overview

qliner hotkeys - got .Net installed? Then this works beautifully and looks ravishing too!


And now for some Britney Spears Or how to learn the ukulele

Edinburgh festival: And now for some Britney Spears! Or how to learn the ukulele, I hope my niece and nephew are still playing their Christmas presents.


New Scientist Short Sharp Science Blog: Rappin' physics

Supercollider rap, much as I regret not getting the chance to go to CERN when I was an actual real Physicist, this rap made me smile. I can imagine showing it to a dismissive year 11 or 6th form.

Books for boy

Children’s Books, American, but worth looking at.