Paint.NET Features

Using Basic Paint.NET Features, Paint.net is still the best free lightweight graphics package and this article shows some of it's capabilities.


Learning Style Survey for College

DVC Learning Style Survey for College, becasue you might know someone that's going to college.

Face Off Firefox Extension removes 3rd party apps

Thanks to linkbunnies for pointing out this Face Off Firefox Extension that removes all third party apps from facebook entries.


ShowMyPC.com - Access Remote PC Free

ShowMyPC.com - Access Remote PC Free, looks jolly clever you know.


company car

What company car shall I get next? I have a Seat Leon 1.9 TDi at the moment and want something low emissions with a bigger boot. All ideas considered.


Neatorama � Blog Archive � The Origin of Everyday Punctuation Marks.


Dont give up the day job

10 minutes to run every Windows app on your Ubuntu desktop


Beginners Guide to the Vi editor


nick drake podcast

You must be joking - Science Pranks and Jokes

I never saw things like this when I was a teacher - You must be joking! - Science Pranks, Jokes etc - Details, unless it cooincided with parents evening.

Babies not as innocent as they pretend | Science | Earth | Telegraph

Like cats, Babies not as innocent as they pretend, they are born with original mischief.

A ramble around the UNIX file system