gimpshop - gimp for windows

I've been liking Paint.net a lot since I needed to find a lightweight graphics app for my laptop. This looks interesting too - the linux photoshop near-clone GIMP ready for windows anytime I can free up some hard disk space.


facebook html app

I'm not down with the kids, but I wanted to know... Facebook | Some html codes here: " does it with a flash player built in. "


Science Education

elearnspace: Science Education has a link to an interesting pdf file from the European Commission on the decline in interest in science and maths.

Speed up Gnome menu

works a treat - a bit less like driving a metro now - no time delay in response! Linux Tip: Speed up Gnome menu - Lifehacker


ASAP Utilities - free Excel add-in

My good friend Geert recommended I take a look at this - ASAP Utilities - Download this free Excel add-in - Recommended by several magazines, he's obviously moving up in the world if he's having to pull ninja excel moves!

Viking Hats for Babies


The Wonderful and Frightening World of Mark E Smith | MetaFilter

BBC4's documentary was mentioned on Metafilter, along with youtube links The Fall: The Wonderful and Frightening World of Mark E Smith post on MetaFilter


MySyndicaat and Grazr.com - alternative to suprglu

I used to use superglu to stick together the RSS feeds from my blogs so that I could just have a sinlge entry in bloglines for them. I recommended it to Thomas for his rowing, but it proved to be too unreliable - postings took a long time to be added.

I found a method on Lars Trieloff's blog. Here I would link directly to Lars' post, but the links doesn't seem to work so I'll paraphrase:

create OPML file of feeds you want to gather. Create a single feed using Mysyndicaat

embed feed in weblog by adding this feed back info your OPML, making sure it's listed at the top of your OPML, by naming it so that it sorts at the top, then go to Grazr.com and add the feed.

Grazr.com is a service that allows you to add news aggregation widgets to your weblog.

I haven't tried this yet, but I'll be looking into it as soon as I have some time.

A physics teacher begs for his subject back

One for Thomas WP - Wellington Grey -- Articles -- A physics teacher begs for his subject back: An open letter to the AQA board and the UK Department for Education.In my experience the precision of physics and the calculations involved proved essential to the refugees and foreign nationals whose grasp of the English language did not prevent them from trouncing almost all the English kids in the class.


Photosynth Technology Preview

Photosynth Technology Preview demonstrates photos from Flickr being used to represent a 3D environment. Zoomable, spinnable and astonishing. via linkbunnies. Link to more demos in the comments


record anything that you can hear on your computer

I've tried things like this before to record online radio etc. but they didn't work as well as this:MP3 My MP3 Recorder - Record sounds and music to MP3 Free!

Good UI, although it had trouble finding my source automatically, I had to manually set my recording source and level.