Doodle - arrange meetings across time zones

Doodle is a free bot that lets you ask people which time slot works best for them for a meeting. It tots up the results and the slot with the most votes wins (or not)


Cleaning up all those unnecessary junk files- Ubuntu Forums

HOWTO: Cleaning up all those unnecessary junk files... - Ubuntu Forums, so far I've only had to uninstall wine after it failed to get bookworm to work.

they just showed up with lego and we started playing

usbcell - rechargeable usb AA sized battery

make firefox tabs open in background

change browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground to true.


jam and marmite

jam and marmite
Originally uploaded by h_cos.

Noah was one on Monday, more photos on Flickr



Today's Dilbert nearly made me cry.


splodge drawing for Noah

Andrew Shanahan on specialist food websites | Technology | Guardian Unlimited Technology

Andrew Shanahan on specialist food websites in the Guardian. Me I'm signed up for BigBarn and slashfood.


Five situations when you shouldnt change careers

Five situations when you shouldn’t change careers. Who doesn't want more meaning in life and more happiness?


GAIM rebranded as Pidgin

Despite uploading a Trillian update this morning, I'm giving Pidgin a go - mainly because it means I can integrate Sametime for work. After a bit of fiddling around with the settings I got the Sametime to work.

Server messaging.ibm.com
Port: 1533

Hide Client identity

No Proxy.


VirtualBox - like vmware but free and works for ubuntu


Noah and the Blackberry

Auntie Beth took this the other week.


Video: Spidey vs. Sandman in this Summers Battle for Killer Special Effects - Video - Wired News