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create your own south park character - better late than never

detect installed fonts using javascript


foldschool - cardboard furniture


The Caffeine Database

The Caffeine Database - add up your daily consumption of caffeinated drinks to find if you're in the zone, or completely out of it.


good quiff

good quiff
Originally uploaded by h_cos.

While waiting for Noah to grow into his electric guitar, he's been playing his red ukulele in the mornings. He can pluck strings, bang the box and stop Daddy making that awful racket.


Download TaskSwitchXP

My new laptop is gradually filling back up full of crap, but I hadn't reinstalled the powertoy replacement for Alt-Tab, mainly because it was a bit memory heavy. TaskSwitchXP seems to be a much light implementation of the same functionality - Download TaskSwitchXP


Monday Extensions

Gmail Manager, keeps an eye on gmail from within firefox - works with multiple gmail addresses.

Download Sort, saves files to different folders depenting on extension - all your mp3s to one folder, all your pictures to another etc.


Clawhammer ukulele

another thing to learn: YouTube - Clawhammer ukulele lesson 1


Kids Domain - PC Freeware

Kids Domain - PC Freeware sorted by subject, kids stuff, lots of kids stuff. On an even better note - how about this? - http://www.wurlybird.co.uk/


VMPlayer installation removed LAN Bluetooth Wireless and AGN Virtual network adapters

One for the personal reminders here. I installed VMPlayer on my laptop yesterday, only to find all my other network adapters were removed from my network connections (XP). Device manager said that they were all present, enabled and working, but they quite clearly weren't. The solution was to uninstall the adapters, then reinstall them (not forgetting to rename them to useful things. The AGN virtual network adapter was fixed by reinstalling the AT&T network client.


ColorJack Sphere

ColorJack: Sphere, picks all the right nice colours for you to use, just like the house doctor.