Letter to Multimaster Ltd

We made a claim for cat scratches on our leather sofa under the insurance we bought from Highly Sprung sofas in Tottenham Court Road. I received a letter explaining that they were not going to pay due to the exclusions:
5.12 Any damage, soiling or staining caused:
By unattended pets;
12. Removal of odours even when caused by a stain;

I'm not bothered about that second one - Noah was sick, but BiCarb sorted out the smell (yes too much detail, but this post is for the search engines really.) I'm not sure what the response will be, but at the moment I'm left feeling that we were mis-sold the insurance.

Here s my response to their letter:

Re: Your letter 19th Feb 2007-02-23

Dear Scheme Administrator,

Thank you for your letter explaining your position concerning my claim on my Ultimate leather warranty. I am writing to provide clarification on one of the points you raise, specifically, that of the damage being caused by unattended pets.

The damage was caused by our two cats whilst my wife and I were present in the room - the cats are not allowed in the room when we are not present. We did not encourage the cats to climb the furniture, indeed we have provided ‘cat hammocks’ for them so that they would not need to perch on the furniture, but such is the nature of cats that with the best will in the world, and the sternest of shooing the arms and back of our sofa have been scratched.

I have been left feeling that we were mis-sold the insurance by Highly Sprung’s salesman on the grounds that it was likely our cats would scratch the furniture at some point, and that provided we made a single claim, such damage would be covered by the insurance.

Yours sincerely,



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asleep during dessert
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