How To Make Winamp Sound Better


3D Logic

3D Logic by Alex Matveev - Flash game - paths around 3 faces of a cube.

The best documentary Channel4 have shown this year

Both 47 minutes long, so don't go watching these at work, jof.

The Root Of All Evil Pt 1 - Google Video

Part 2

I'm not allowed to have a revelation in which I come to understand there is no God? - will finish this rant when there is more time to explain, btw. the irony of the use of the word revelation is not lost on me there.


cute flash game - LEVERS

LEVERS, via boing boing, of course.


$11 Super Wide Angle Digital Camera


Powerpoint: Compress and Optimize Presentations to Decrease Size

Back to work today after 3 weeks paternity leave - a nice gentle start, but I'm sure there'll be plenty of powerpoint on the horizon until I an find a more permanent project to work on. Oh well - Tech-Recipes.com - Powerpoint: Compress and Optimize Presentations (ppt) to Decrease Size


Google Browser Sync


cool optical illusion - persistance of colour maybe


mentos mints and diet coke fun

check out the sploosh: EepyBird.com

HTML Emails - Taming the Beast

Always a good one - mostly ignored by me, high graphic content HTML emails are just wrong in so many cases I just know I'm going to be asked to put one together at some point - Vitamin Features : HTML Emails - Taming the Beast

password protected text files made easy


Eating Leeds

Live in or near Leeds? Eat food? Check out: Eating Leeds.


Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Mans Chest

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest -- The Official Website - I'll be looking for baby sitters earlier than anticipated...