Royal Mail may fire anti-spam postman

Boing Boing: Royal Mail may fire anti-spam postman, with the all important link to a word doc and pdf file of the said slip to fill in and send off.


new noah photos

More here - because friends don't realise that I just keep adding photos to the Flickr account.


All-In-One Sidebar for firefox

If you haven't seen the All-In-One Sidebar for firefox already, I can recommend it. I'm trying to cut back drastically on the extensions I'm using and this one is one of the 6 that I've kept.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics this would be cool if anyone actually read any of my interweb blatherings.

Simon Magus

Apparently there's still lots of things not quite right with me that I had put down to fatherhood that are in fact whiplash and accident related injuries. Things like my jaw aching. The doctor went through a long list of questions and tests at speed, it was quite interesting because he is impartial, so has to test that I really did hurt when he made me lean to the right.
Simon Magus - was just one of the topics covered in my meeting with the cardio thoracic specialist this morning.


Undeniable Facts: Undeniable Friday: Magnetic Water- a fact a day

Undeniable Facts: Undeniable Friday: Magnetic Water, not sure if I believe this or not, still it would be a good one for the kids...

accident update

Off to see one of the two independent medical experts this weekend in a hotel off Hyde Park - the cardiothoracic one, not sure when I see the back doctor.

My taxi driver was convicted of careless driving without due care and attention and received a fine (I've not been told how much) and his licence was endorsed with six points. My insurance claim continues...


no more mumbai sales calls

belatedly I finally got around to registering us for no more sales calls at TPS Registration or mail shots at MPS registration


Chat and Play in Slovenia

This is fantastic: Chat and Play in Slovenia, wander around slovenia and chat to others, easy, enjoyable and diverting!


harry and the potters interview

Cult of Harry Potter conjures band - an indie band singing songs about Harry Potter and touring Libraries, what's not to love?


walk on custard

You can walk on custard. Custard is a non-Newtonian fluid. When thickened with starch, custard's physical properties change from those of liquid to those of a solid depending on the amount of pressure applied to it, so much so that a person is able to walk across a swimming pool full of custard. ta slashfood.


How to make the simplest electric motor

This is really interesting, easy to do and scientific! Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - How to make the simplest electric motor


Cricket Explained

Cricket Explained (An American Viewpoint), nevermind the Americans, I don't understand cricket despite it being one of the 4 sports my school actually 'taught', and I use that word in the loosest possible sense. Hence my ignorance of rugby, athletics and tennis too. That's why I did long distance running - less rules to follow.


Flickr Toys


Abracadabra a free ebook aboutRevolver

the album that is. Quite good. Abracadabra: The Beatles: Revolver