star wars imperial cruiser in lego



Hamachi : Stay Connected

Hamachi: "Hamachi gives you LAN over the Internet", how cool is that?


DOS HERMANOS - london food blog

I came across DOS HERMANOS via the londonist site. One for those in town who eat out, a lot. No names mentioned.


A non-technical explanation of RSS


flash animation

Keyboard food tray

A truly sad reflection of office work in the UK and US the Keyboard food tray - it's only a matter of time at Southbank...


Heavy ice made from heavy water

Heavy ice comes from heavy water - Slashfood - come on, what's not to love in a story like that?


bloody clever daily blog posting

Using FeedBurner, RssFwd, and GMail to create a daily blog posting from del.icio.us to Blogger am in the process of giving it a go - I never really had a use for my delicious account, maybe this is it!

Belarc Advisor - my machine is full of rubbish

Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit tells me what rubbish is installed and mmore besides - for when my Mani machine finally dies


cats that look like hitler appeal

please vote for number 51, owned by Kate - he is the best cat that looks like hitler.

Jim Noir football flash game

Jim Noir, creator of the most played album in our house of the last 10 months - Tower of Love has a silly football game to play to celebrate his 'If you don't give me my football back I'm going to get my dad on you' song. Go for the gnomes!


How Fireworks Work and other stuff

Howstuffworks "How Fireworks Work"

Making friendship bracelets

and all that cycling stuff over at wired that has yet to pop up online...