gin and vodka showdown

The Observer - Is it worth paying for a designer label?, well I quite like the Hendricks, but not in large volumes, shows how poor my palette must be then.


Free Songs by Harry and the Potters

Robert Newman History of oil

Robert Newman History of oil - Google Video, via the lovely linkbunnies.


Darth calls the Emperor


mobile phones in hospitals

We’d Like To Hear You Never, by Lauren Frey has me riled at the memory of the visitors in Watford General hospital use of mobile phones, and it was mostly visitors.

There were signs everywhere saying please don't use them as they may affect equipment, but that didn't stop rude, ignorant, self important people. I'm not sure about the effect on equipment, but the effect on those on the ward and the other visitors was very obvious, and demonstrated why they should be banned, if only for a matter of respect and politeness.

Using a mobile phone was, on occasion, unavoidable - discrete texts were sent by my wife and people on the ward asking for things from home, calls to parents etc. but it was possible to show respect for the other people also on the ward.



Today I became a dad

Noah Shing (pronounced Sing), born 14 days late at 10.30am weighing an eye watering 9lbs 15.5oz. Mother and baby doing well.

Whole set on Flickr, but here are some:

we knew the baby would look like an eskimo

the only one we had that fitted

v.cute said me, biased


google web toolkit

Impressive New Tricks of Light All Within the Laws of Physics



Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before - basically maps of the world distorted to show statistical nuances like attended births, population, old people etc.


Grow Yr Own Pineapple from a Top