Prince- live acoustic

Sexy mudflipper here: YouTube - Prince- live acoustic


I have seen the future - and it's goth


Click2Zap Bookmarklet 1.1

This bookmarklet: click2zap info is at this link:Click2Zap Bookmarklet 1.1 lets you select bits of a page you'd rather not print if you're running out of colour, or just want bits of a page. useful.


Creationism to be in GCSE Science papers

BBC NEWS | Education | Creationism to be in GCSE papers - the BBC left out the all important addition of Science to the title of it's piece - the indicator as to which GCSE the topic would be covered in. I really think this is a bad idea, mainly because most science teachers are simply not aware of what the current theory of evolution actually is. More INSET days ahead?


The Morning News - Big in Finland, by Sarah Hepola

Come on Jean - this is the second post just for you, keep up! The Morning News - Big in Finland, by Sarah Hepola


Radiohead in a stax stylee

Why Arent You Using RSS Jean?

free software list


I Heart Guts! Tees

I think I'd like one of these: heart, but this one:don't lose your lunch

Office 2003/XP Add-in: Remove Hidden Data


Repost: Stellarium Astronomy Software

Maybe I wasn't quite effusive enough about this program - it is beautiful and easy to use.

Although astronomy and cosmology are wonderful things to study in one's own time, teaching them to hormonally challenged children can be problematic - here's a lovely program that they can pretend to use whilst trying to figure out how to enable MS Messenger: Stellarium Astronomy Software

Colouring Book - print out and colour

Colouring Book - Colourings - for small children and hospital patients alike.


How To Make Your Own Butter - Slashfood


Obituary: Linda Smith

Linda Smith made me laugh and I'll miss her.

She had no need for a god and discussed her beliefs in the radio show Devout Sceptics (get Real Alternative)