Monsters Of Uxbridge

Brunel University building remixed - www.crisrose.co.uk - Monsters Of Uxbridge


A whole set of links to revisit

American Sign language Browser - video dictionary

time snapper - capture desktop at intervals

writing Firefox extension tutorial



Am I the only one without a job involving manipulating the London Underrground map in some way? - PDF map of sponsers


Pete Doherty and the KLF

ho ho ho

for the lw before she pops


prince at the brits


Surname Profiler

So thanks to Time Out's interview with William Orbit I found myself looking up my surname in the surname profiler, only to find that it is most common in Devon (Plymouth mainly), Somerset and Northhants.

Not only that but in 1881 it was pretty much just Devon and Northhants. Only 26 per million names and we're pretty much all English, not Irish or Scottish.


Build Your Own Cardboard Geodesic Domes

My brother has a wooden geodesic frame, but I'm taken with the idea of being able to recycle it at the end of the summer - Cardboard Domes - Homepage: Constructing Cardboard Geodesic Domes That Will Survive Burning Man and the Black Rock Desert


stark inchworm

Tube map anagrams - maybe I'm pining for the commute?


Process Explorer

Geeky windows goodness - a smart and lucid system manager: Sysinternals Freeware - Process Explorer

pretty CG animation


cook an egg with two mobile phones

Weave your own Tartan

Slow start today - this shouldn't be as much fun as it is: Interactive Weaver - Weave your own Tartan


new Prince song on SNL last week

White Like Me - Screenhead has the video for a new prince song - Fury, he's a sexy mudflipper, he really is.

Stellarium Astronomy Software

Although astronomy and cosmology are wonderful things to study in one's own time, teaching them to hormonally challenged children can be problematic - here's a lovely program that they can pretend to use whilst trying to figure out how to enable MS Messenger: Stellarium Astronomy Software


Theatre of God


Going underground

Mix the London Underground map with music in a Great Bear stylee? How can I resist? - check out the article Going underground from Guardian Unlimited: Culture Vulture or just marvel at the pdf file.


Islands for Sale Worldwide

I'm happy to go halves, thirds, quarters, sixths, come on - take a look: International Real Estate - Islands for Sale Worldwide


bustobot - online popup book