How to use BitTorrent to send files


Wink instructinos are appearing all over the geeknet - like simpro and robohelp but freeware- not had a chance to look in detail at it, but wanted the link.


more apps from Geert

Always on the look out for even more windows apps to make my life easier and other people go - What did you do then? I received this email from Belgium

Hi Howard
Since I'm an avid reader of your blog site, I wanted to make a minor contribution too. Maybe you already heard of them, but here's some free apps that I find absolutely wicked:
IrFanView - www.irfanview.com : an image viewer that contains just what you need and that works very quick
Gspace: A firefox gmail extension that alows you to use your Gmail inbox as ftp-site.
Fasterfox: A Firefox extension that speeds up the browser
Gadwin printscreen - www.gadwin.com
Hope you are recovering well, and that the baby preparations are going smoothly!


WinRoll 2

another windows utility worth looking at: WinRoll 2.0


Free Online Graph Paper

many happy hours were spent colouring in pixel graphics of spaceships and flying Flash Gordan on hover jet-ski, to say nothing of the cubes and boxes drawn on iso dot paper - now here are Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs

a nice house in the country

saw this and thought the wife would like it - Fortified - New York Times, warning NY Times wants annoying registration, try bugmenot.com.

and i thought i had time on my hands

Lifehacker Pack

A suggested best of list of apps for one's machine: Geek to Live: Lifehacker Pack - Lifehacker


How Battlestar Galactica Killed Broadcast TV

Mindjack - Piracy is Good? How Battlestar Galactica Killed Broadcast TV
"Per capita, Australians are the most profligate downloaders of television programming in the entire world, followed closely by the British. While the Americans lag behind, they're still on the chart, in third place."

Don't tell Tree - she'll want the next series of Lost.

There is no hell - other than slough


BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Download plan for deleted tracks

Nevermind the Jacques Brel - bring on the Nana! BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Download plan for deleted tracks

Meetings considered harmful

Where can you find good images


2006 Q Magazine 100 Greatest Albums Ever List

Why I don't read Q, apart from Pet Sounds nothing up to number 47, maybe 50 even comes close - 2006 Q Magazine Readers' 100 Greatest Albums Ever - All Time Top 100 Albums

Cheesy organ hits

Whilst looking for someone to set up my acoustic guitar locally (anywhere near Watford/Rickmansworth would do), I found out that the cheesy organ records released on the AD-Rhythm label were actually recorded in my home town - Rickmansworth - classy.

BBC - Radio 4 - Factual - Confessions of a Crap Artist

BBC - Radio 4 - Factual - Confessions of a Crap Artist, Philip K Dick on radio 4, hurrah!


Winter Running

Winter Running - What You Need to Know About Cold Weather Winter Running - just because I can't go running at the moment doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it.


XP Secrets

XP Secrets, Sunday morning and I'm beginning to think I need a new PC...


Beautiful flash game

It's been a while since the last one - so here's Shift

X-Ray firefox extension to see tags

Recordable Dvd Quality

Recordable Dvd Quality Page 1 - review of media for when I get around to burning/backing up using my new toy.




IBM saw the future in 1979

And they took photos, more photos, via boing boing of course.


gtalk in trillian

Go to Trillian's plugin page on their site and download the Jabber plug-in, install it, and configure a new connection as below:

server : talk.google.com
port : 5222
Use legact SSL for connection : not checked


more flickr fun

i heart guts


Flags Of The World - Flag Game

This one is for Lee - Flags Of The World - Flag Game


Google Guide Quick Reference