What Happens When You Mashup RSS, IM, and Publishing Services

Well you get the MAKEbot - a searchable, notifying IM bot (sadly only AIM at the moment) Interesting in it's own right, but doubly so when run from a mobile phone.

go to add contact and select AIM and type MAKEbot.


albums of the year on lastsoundofsummer

I started putting up a list of my favorite albums of 2005 on the 19th, and have been updating it with song links day by day - this seems to have calmed the mp3 aggregators traffic spike - they only show new entries rather than updated. It also means that should you feel the desire there are lots of mp3s up for sampling - I've reached June, and will finish the year before New year.


Alesis Photon X25 at Digital Village


Task Bar Plus

Genius - rearrange objects on your windows taskbar - install and then just press and hold the Alt key - Task Bar Plus, doesn't work if you group similar items, but that's always the first thing I turn off.


Harold Pinter - Nobel Lecture 2005

The most sobering and thought provoking speech/lecture/script I've read this year.

Howstuffworks - The World of Narnia

For the wife, since I can't get tothe cinema to watch the film with her.


Sorting your email with GMail

SPEED LACES shoe lacing system

because when I can run again, I'll still be lazy.


wagamama - snowball game


I think this is aimed at the pre school and post Christmas work party audience - this flash heavy site is weirder than the teletubbies.

make your own snowman

what to do with all the vodka soaked hazelnuts

Filtered the hazelnut vodka yesterday - unlike the raspberry, the hazelnuts gave up less liquid than I put in, and the resultant liquor was a light yellow in colour. Unfortunately due to current medication I couldn't test it, but it seemed to go down well with the neighbour.

The leftover hazlenut mulch was put in my favorite brownie recipe:

140g butter
140g poncy chocolate - the poncier the better
3 eggs
vanilla or extract
250 caster sugar
110g flour (needed a bit more because the hazlenuts were quite soggy)
1 tsp salt (not poncy)
150g chopped nuts

Gas mark 4/180 degrees Celsius baking time: 20 minutes.

Melt chocolate and butter in a jug in a water bath.

Mix the eggs and sugar in a bowl.

Add the vanilla to the eggs and sugar.

Measure out the flour and add the salt to it.

Allow the chocolate/butter mixture to cool a bit before adding to the eggs and sugar.

Add the chocolate mixture to the eggs and sugar and give it a stir.

Add the nuts and the flour to the eggs and sugar and stir in until smooth.

Add more flour (and nuts) to create consistancy of porridge.

Line a low (2.5cm) sided tray with foil and smear some butter on the surface.

Pour the mixture into the tray and shake level.

Put in oven for 20 minutes, or until the top is a lighter brown than it started.

Lick spoon.

Wash up before the wife complains.


Speed bumps create power as cars pass

This is genius, and seeing as it looks to be in two halves it could also be used to stop traffic altogether if needed simply by raising the height.


FolderShare - File Transfer & Remote File Access - Download

I need to share files between machines without getting too bogged down with network issues, so I'm going to give this a go - FolderShare - File Transfer & Remote File Access - Download

I Forgot My XP Administrator Password!

I Forgot My Administrator Password!, requires XP disk... ;)

Firefox 1.5

download asap.


back home at last

Just a quick note to say that I got home today following 29 days in Blackpool's Victoria hospital, I'm feeling a lot better and I have some rather gory photos to share once I get them off Tree's phone.

Thank you once again to everyone that sent cards/came to visit.