Success is measured in friends and I'm already ridiculously successful


Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone who has sent me cards, truly awful guitar magazines, balloons etc.

Give blood and carry a donor card. My organs would have been put to good use had I died.

Best wishes
Love Howard

Edit: I'd like to explain that I dictated this whilst still quite high on morphine, and apologize if the last sentence seems a little blunt, but it was that serious.


What time is it?

gmap time teller.


Free MS Visual Studio Express

for a year at least...

Speeding up Firefox help - TechIMO Forums

Speeding up Firefox got to give it a go.


Paintings - a photoset on Flickr


The E-Mail Time Capsule

email yourself in 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20 years time. hope you have the same ISP!


everlab 1 hour circle

So get one very cheap clock movement, put an arm and one of the smaller whiteboard markers on the hour cog, stick to whiteboard and watch the kids watch their childhoods slip away.


I hate Notes, but I hate IE more

How to change Lotus Notes so that Firefox opens up instead of IE:

1. Click on your currect Lotus Notes Office location document (bottom right-hand corner of your Notes window) e.g. IBM Local
2. Select Edit Current
3. Click on the Internet Browser tab
4. For Internet Browser, click on the pull-down menu and select Other
5. Browse for firefox.exe
6. Click on Save & Close

box templates

pdf files for making boxes for presents


Must have programs for a USB card | Ask MetaFilter

Must have programs for a USB card, oh card, not key? I need a bigger key to have lots of widgets on.

Lupas Rename

like Leith's little helper for idiots like me.


South Devon Chilli Farm


Lifehacker - Junk Drawer

Having run this on my machine since last week and recommended it to several people - each time having to search for the link, here is Lifehacker's Junk Drawer script - a script added to scheduled windows tasks that empties items older than 7 days from a folder you create - containing the junk from websites and emails that accumulate.

I want to

A list of toys utilities.