that first look down the register

I remember the first glance down at registers at the start of a school year - checking for brothers and sisters of kids you already teach, or taught, and then the secondary reaction to names as the article BBC - Children's names 'spell trouble', points out. From the 'bad' list I can personally vouch for the names Ryan (4 troublesome pupils that I can remember), Liam (just the one, but the only one), and Wayne (again only one). Hardly a statistically sound population I grant you, but I taught for five years, something like 2000 kids in total and people grow into the expectations of their parents as well as their names, and the problem was almost without exception with the parents.


Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments

what it says.


Writing sensible email messages


You are not so random after all mr browning

Wired News: My IPod for a Random Playlist: "if there are 23 randomly selected people in a room, there is a better than 50-50 chance that at least two of them will have the same birthday"


Your History Here

Your History Here lets you annotate a google map of the UK with little historical facts about places.

Hamlet - The Text Adventure

Just in case I run out of work and feel like kiddin myself I'm a bit cultured.


Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now

um, I think I've done a better spoof unintentionally.


Sports Map

Sports Map (Using BBC feeds and Google Maps) - if only I liked sport, this is such a great idea.