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ukelele weeping

for beth


Sarah and Neils Fantastic Hazelnut vodka recipe

Months ago the wife and I visited friends just outside Usk, and whilst sitting in their garden sampled their home made hazelnut vodka. I asked for the recipe, but a spell of maternity leave for Sarah got in the way somewhere...

Anyway here it is, so I don't lose it-

Hazelnut Vodka / brandy:

2 lbs nuts (says you can use unsalted unblanched almonds too - sounds
1 cup of sugar (says 1 cup = 8 ounces)
1 bottle of vodka (or brandy) 750ml - not the big ones, also used pants vodka as you don't notice if its nice stuff or not

put chopped nuts in jar, add sugar and vodka / brandy. Shake daily and
strain off nuts after a month.
To be honest - we didn't shake it everyday - and we didn't strain it
til much later than a month and it was fine.

Raspberry Vodka

1-2 lbs raspberries
1 cup white sugar
1 bottle vodka

put raspberries in jar, pour in sugar, and then vodka. put jar in dark
place and shake everyday (or few times a week) for a month. When
raspberries have turned white let the jar settle and pour out liquid.
If not sweet enough boil some sugar with half amount of water and add in
small amounts to own taste. filter thru a coffee paper (ok maybe Neil
wasn't nuts after all!!). Says to keep in dark to maintain its colour.



I've got a few scripts installed to run with greasemonkey in firefox - ones that make hotmail behave itself, give me a delete button in gmail, get rid of annoying flash navigation in pitchfork, tweak my audioscrobbler stats and now one of the most amazing - vinq's greasemap.

It searches any page for geo tags and shows a little excerpt of google map at the top of the page showing where it points to.

So this is what I see for spamnet:

it takes a little longer to upload the page, but I can always make the monkey sad and turn him off.



Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone that phoned, texted and IM'd me following the London bombings to make sure I was OK. Noone I know was hurt, but for some that was only by a matter of minutes.


japanese cute flash game

fun game - eeee,eee,eee,eeee,eee

Top 13 Most Overrated Songs

Blogcritics.org: Music Playlist: Top 13 Most Overrated Songs, no "I get by with a little help from my friends" by Joe Cocker and Friends? Number one in my book.

See also:

Being Boring, Pet shop boys (it's good, but not that good)
Smells like teen spirit, Nirvana (repeated listens do it no good whatsoever)
Blue Monday, New order (great at the time, the first time that is)
Hey Jude, Beatles
Lust for Life, Iggy Pop (beyond the first verse and chorus)

come on, suggestions?



Originally uploaded by h_cos.
there are no finer nuts than cobnuts, and I have some in the garden if the squirrels don't get them first.


Lady Sovereign video for 9-5

Over at Colonel Blimp you can view the new lady sovereign video for the madness/ska driven 9-5, never again am I drinking Lambrini....

Liquid Man flash thing

Liquid man follows your mouse like one of those old school mouse trails, except he's made of beige contours and is therefore much cooler.


Kelly Link Short Stories released under cc

: "5. Going to hell. Instructions and advice.

It is late morning when you arrive at Bonehouse, but the sky is dark. As you walk, you must push aside the air, like heavy cloth. Your foot stumbles on the mute ground.

You are in a flat place where the sky presses down, and the buildings creep close along the streets, and all the doors stand open. Grass grows on the roofs of the houses; the roofs are packed sod, and the grass raises up tall like hair on a scalp. Follow the others. They are dead and know the way better than you. Speak to no one.

At last you will arrive at a door in an alley, with a dog asleep on the threshold. He has many heads and each head has many teeth, and his teeth are sharp and eager as knives."