Honda Grrr Game

Play a fluffy bunny in ear defenders eating carrots and smashing up environmentally unsound things like dirty cookers? - Honda Grrr Game


T3 - iRiver gives iPod shuffle a wake-up call

They have Nick cave dolls now?, I want one: T3 - iRiver gives iPod shuffle a wake-up call


How to Make an Origami CD Case

When I was a teacher and the Summer term was spinning off into an evermore chaotic spiral of covering for language teachers off with the kids abroad somewhere I used to make little boxes out of paper and card with the kids - my Dad showed me how to make a box and fitting lid. In a similar vein this Gig Guide: How to Make an Origami CD Case - by Matthew Toledo could be used to show the kids how to make paper cases for their download/ripped and burnt offerings of drab rap, RnBnGrime.


Cumbria - the Lake District: Tea Trail

Nicey points out some nice ladies have created a Cumbria - the Lake District: Tea Trail, and he even gives a link to the recipe for grassmere gingerbread that my wife had me drive for hours to get hold of.


karl - the gay one

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possibly peaked too early with Vin, but this didn't come out very well in the picture. It reads Karl is gay, Karl the gay one, he is very gay.

Like writing it and reaffirming it makes it true. Sad and funny at the same time.



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I find myself increasingly amused by bad grafitti on the tube and elsewhere.


My fidelity - the art of the mixtape

Lamacq has a go at explaining the rules for making mixtapes for loved ones, or prospective loved ones.
Of course making tapes is a game like Mornington Crescent, there might be rules, but they only exist at the moment you enforce them, or the moment they are enforced on you.
I showed a post from another blog to my sister earlier this week - can't find link at the moment, but it had four songs on it (it was in fact indoor fireworks). The rest of the tape was blank, and the creator had no recollection of why.
Anyway this kind of links into this years SummerBurn, an early version I put together this morning.