Threadless T-Shirts - Dark side of the Garden, by Glenn Jones

Threadless continue their $10 t-shirt sale with gems like this: Threadless T-Shirts - Dark side of the Garden, by Glenn Jones, what's not to love?


Lock up your ice cream

Ben and Jerry's Pint Lock via gizmodo

Lowgold Live - Friday June 24th

Excuse the cross-post from lastsound, but they need as much publicity as possible - Lowgold are playing live in London Town on Friday June 24th, I just got this email from them:

They are headlining the Tiscali Showcase at the Bar Academy in Islington. The gig kicks off the promotional campaign surrounding their new offering 'Keep Music Miserable' b-sides/live compilation which is due for release at the start of August. The other bands playing are 'Husky Rescue' and 'Blue Sky Research'.

It is a small venue and tickets are set at a very reasonable £6.00, so don't

Lowgold, surely one of the unluckiest bands in the UK who have yet to lose a member to consumption or similar, are a wondrous live band that happen to feature an old school friend - the singer was the drummer in the first band I was ever in.

Coldplay album streamed

stream the new coldplay album here courtesy of Scenestars (Coldplay posting here)


christs dog theatre

christs dog theatre
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what you can't see is that the playwright for Christ's Dog is called howard barker, but is the dog called Andy too?

bum of straw

bum of straw
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I made it to the belvedere (oberes) on Monday
I can't remember when a collection of paintings had such a profound effect on me. The last painting Schiele did of his pregnant wife and he just before they both died of Spanish Influenza is heartbreaking.
Some of the art is deliberately provocative, paintings made at ritualistic animal slaughtering events etc. or this bum - the bum is indeed made of drinking straws.


Firefox becomes the IBM standard

Amazing (well, surprising anyway) - IBM moves in Firefox's direction.


What Color Eyes Would Your Children Have

What Color Eyes Would Your Children Have?, well I'm guessing here, but the chinese brown eye gene is going to be pretty dominant isn't it?

Popbitch newletter

Whilst their website might not be upto much, Popbitch's weekly dose of invective never fails to raise a smile:
"The Fall are on Jools Holland's show next week. Mark E Smith is the only artist in the history of the show to have a clause in his contract inserted to state that Jools will not play boogie-woogie piano over any of his songs."

dog called andy

dog called andy
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Graffiti in Vienna can be very strange.


The Last Letter of Gary Benchley - Rock Star

Sadly the last in the series I have thoroughly enjoyed: The Morning News - The Letters of Gary Benchley, Rock Star: The Last Waltz: "no one has ever held up a lighter in the middle of a really beautiful passage of prose"


BBC Backstage

BBC Backstage - remix the BBC for your demanding palate, something to look at in downtime.

An ironing masterclass

An ironing masterclass courtesy of the BBC - this is what I want more of for my license fee, oh yes.

Free Online Graph Paper in PDF

Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs - dots assymetric etc. also


a warm body speaks

Think outside the box - it's true that so much money was/is spent needlessly on consultants, I've been on projects that I've felt were needless, but existed only to serve someone far higher up the food chain's whims and empire building aspirations. I've also been on projects where the client simply could not make the changes they want without the help of some expensive, but short term, bodies on the ground.
Some clients are literally crippled by their own ethos and work mentality - the NHS is a great example. There are simply much more important things for the medical staff to be worried about than IT systems, and payroll managers feel the same bunker mentality. The NHS has farmed out it's consulting work (to Oracle and McKesson mainly), and it's a huge amount of money spent on consultants, but the contract was so poorly written by the NHS that my firm pulled out because it was impossible to agree whether a milestone had been reached.
Maybe I should get a proper job.



I'm rubbish at keeping a diary/contacts book - this blog doesn't really count, I never really bought into the filofax thing, and I only really liked the Moleskine books because they were so cute, but I'm going to give Backpack (Personal information management, to do lists, organizer) a whirl and see if it lasts more than a week or two.

candyman - movie

72 hours in Vienna

Lovely Wife and I had a great time last weekend - the weather was fantastic, and the fact that the company paid for the hotel was pretty good too. I've another friend coming to stay next weekend, and I thought I'd put together a little list of things I've enjoyed doing the most during my time here (only two weeks left here now) plus a few things about getting about - there are loads of tourist sites about Vienna on the net, so this is more a memo to myself in six months when I've forgotten the boring practical details.

On arrival (Vienna International Airport)you need to get into the city - a taxi into town is about €30 (including rounding up the fare for tip) the CAT (like Heathrow Express) is €9 and the S7 train a mere €3 (timetable)- I recommend you use the train, buy a 72 hour ticket (€12) - this allows you to jump on and off any transport in the city centre, but you will need a €1.50 ticket top-up to get you into the city (Wien Mitte) from the airport.

Lots more info about getting to and from the airport here.

Then things to do, in no particular order

1. Go on the Prater Wheel - it takes about 20 minutes to serenely go around this city icon

2. Eat at least one piece of cake from a cafe (I'd recommend the amazingly kitsch pink Aida cafes)

3. Visit one of the Hundertwasser buildings

4. Go to the Museum Quarter, think about going in to for a bit of culture, but decide to stay out and have a drink instead

5. Jump on the Ring Kai trams - No.s 1 & 2 for at least one circuit in each direction

6. Brave the tourist hordes and go into the Cathedral - go up the tower (if it's open)

7. Go to the Naschmarkt on Saturday morning, try some Maulbeerbaum (dried mulberries) and go wondering amongst the tat of other people's lives at the flea market end of the market.

8. Have dinner at least once in a traditional Austrian Beisl - I'd recommend the open air/courtyard beisl in the courtyard next to the Plützer Brau microbrewery (directions and a whole list of more pubs here), or the one with a black front on Bakerstrasse.

All pretty standard touristy stuff, and I haven't mentioned my favorite restaurant because I can't remember what it's called, or where it is exactly.


Teabuddy - your tealist on the web

Real social networking online with Teabuddy so you can keep track of who madethe tea last and how many sugars everyone wants.