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Vienna Metro: Airport Connections

Vienna Metro: Airport Connections, lw comes tomorrow on the red eye - must remember to get up and go to Landstrasse for 8.51am


Batman Begins Trailer

huh - PwC relaunch Old Skool Expensive Consulting Practice

No really, I recently heard that PwC were going to relaunch their 'World of Ponce' consulting business - big suits, big clients, big bonuses and big partners. The website huh - We do stuff. may or may not be theirs.


Sandetti Meena

Originally uploaded by h_cos.
Born 26th April, everyone doing well, father probably having a kip.

Grant Robinson : Montage a google

Montage-a-google looks pretty - see also his guess the google game - 3/10 is my sad max score


Station 62304

somewhere between Dover and Calais is the Sandetti lightship sandetti

Free Mag 7 Star Charts

Free Mag 7 Star Charts (pdf) - also in jpg format for handy printing quickly before that lesson.


down them all

Firefox is just the best - configurable downloading of files from a page:mozdev.org - downthemall.


Rock Snobbery Explained

Snobsite.com - I don't want to enjoy this site as much as I do, but I do. Their entry about Kraftwerk fails to mention their collective obsession with cycling threatening their existance as a band and leading to the incorporation of sounds from cycling in their recent Tour de France 12" (originally just a TV ident) and then LP - (see? I'm a natural)

small ribs in vienna

Following a pub review of beers and microbreweries in Vienna I set off last night to try the Plutzer Bräu pub. I ordered the small ribs - yes that was the small ribs in the picture above (phone camera, apologies etc.) The beer was good too - not too much like lager.

terrorist threat map

terrormap (pdf) on the BBC

Google Local and maps

Instantly useful:

Google Local(UK)
Google Maps(UK)


Worlds Smallest Political Quiz

World's Smallest Political Quiz

Hmmm, no surprises here then.


Something Awful

Something Awful's realistic joke punchlines: "A Blonde and a Brunette jump off a tall building at the same time. Who hits the ground first?

Both of them hit the ground at the same time. Hair colour doesn't affect acceleration due to gravity."

Boycotting the genographic project

Amusement over the Wired News: Testing Blood to Track History article. IBM already claim to own my thoughts , so when they offered to keep a copy of my DNA for me for the bargain price of US$77 I declined.

Tetris Shelves

Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena


Songalong a sound of music

Freshyarn is still the most amusing read at the end of a week - why can't these people contribute to the inflight magazines? FRESH YARN presents What is it you C#nt Face Maria?... by Emma Chasin-Rappaport


Where To Find Great Free Photographs And Visuals


cow with large horns

see the guiness book of records certificate to prove it too. Don't ask, it's a Swiss thing for some reason.

damn you metafilter - Gyroball

Orthogonal Flash game:Gyroball (warning: contains marbles)


wien week4

Actually remembered to pack my camera this week, and left work at about 6.30 to take pictures of the Hundertwasser designed Kunsthaus. The cab driver yesterday (a retired tv producer - at least so he claimed) said that it was designed for children, but if you google Hundertwasser you'll find that as part of his career as an artist they let him loose on a powerstation as well, maybe it had swings.

The floors are uneven and the windows all different heights and sized, and it does appeal to my inner child at least.

The building is in a pretty run-down area alongside the river, and not half the tourist trap I was expecting. People actually live in the building, with a cafe/museum/shop in the bottom.


logo for a farkettes ice hockey team