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oh yes - they might be giants do a science song about the circulation system and someone does a video for it - and even better, it's made by a student - check out Bloodmobile


New Scientist 13 things that do not make sense

13 things that do not make sense, hmm, interesting....

Wien week2

, don't think I haven't been tempted.

So, week two in Vienna and the reign of cake begins. After fighting the pastries off last week (and in January) yesterday I did the honorable thing and had sachertorte (recipe), at the cafe in the Sacher hotel. Lighter in texture than I expected, and frankly not as chocolatey as I was hoping, it was pleasant with tea - oops, I think I've gone all Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down.

Work this week has been very hectic - a meeting for Thursday was pushed forward to Tuesday, leaving me little time to prepare, but it went OK. Another two hour corker promised this afternoon and then I can get on with doing some real work!


Search for cocktails - Droogle

After mistakenly believing that having cocktail partes would reduce the number of spirits in the house (it didn't we just got more - including a large bottle of watermelon Barcardi Breezer) we should have used Droogle. search from scratch or enter ingredients you want shot of. See what I did there?


Gibson - Neuromancer

Copy of BBC Radio's Neuromancer found, appreciated, copied and passed on for your listening pleasure:
Part1 (20Mb)
Part2 (27Mb)

Please don't stream - just download and listen at your leisure, cheers.


think about the future

Top-Consultant.com - Global Opportunities in Consulting: "stellar success in the services and consultancy space"

Bart's Chalkboard Gags

Whack Your Boss

Gratuitously violent Flash animation: Whack Your Boss.com: Office Space meets The Sopranos.


wien post1

So once again I find myself in Vienna, this time for ten weeks - I'm flying out Monday mornings (6.25am!) and flying back Thursday nights, so it's not one long placement. This is a good thing as it's only the first week, Wednesday morning, and I'm already looking forward to going home - I'm the only UK consultant here and my german is very poor after having only one year study at school before being asked not to continue!

Unsurprisingly, the weather has improved a lot, and is really quite mild compared to January, when I was here last. There's still a few piles of dirty snow on the pavements, but there's a lot of real snow outside the city visible as we came into land.

The hotel is still amazing, and the work is challenging, even without the language barrier it would be hard to complete in 10 weeks, but I'm determined to make the most of my time here and not spend it holed up in an office burning the midnight oil.

My phone's camera is pretty poor, so I guess I'll have to bring my camera next week.


rodcorp: How we work

Work, not blog: rodcorp: How we work


The Scotsman - Top Stories - Deceased do it their way with music to die for

MHow do you choose the music for your funeral? Deceased do it their way with music to die for.

Me i'm going for Vaughn Williams' fantasia on a theme by thomas tallis - not sure if that falls in to the naff category or not, but once it's done, I'm expecting to be carried to the end of Deal pier in a little urn and scattered off the end in an attempt to rebuild the goodwin sands.

Shop Horror

Shop Horror - Funny Shop Names, not sure if val does hair made the gallery - I hope so.


Giant Steps by Michal Levy

Flash, as recommended by Bosh - Giant Steps by Michal Levy


London underground links for fun

Privateer Remake

old school gaming heaven - now all I need is the time to play it: Privateer Remake



doom in shockwave - phosphor_alpha_4_248


Mobile Agent Online

Finally a real use for my mobile phone - controlling my laptop floAt's Mobile Agent Online