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Japanese Corporation Names - why is Fujitsu called Fujitsu?


escape route

escape > route is a very cool record of someone's round the world trip (as far as I can tell) with a very cool Flash interface and some nauseatingly good photographs documenting pretty much what I'd love to do.


Things To Say At Work

Things You'd Like To Say At Work, But Can't - the sort of thing I started this blog to avoid having sent to me/sending twelve times on a Friday afternoon.

Tainted Love - versions

The not so appropriately named Antificial Radio Weblog - Methods of Torture has a whole series of versions of tainted love for you to enjoy.


another VW ad - one that made it this time

VW's Gene Kelly, thanks dave.


VW spoof suicide bomber advert

Meanwhile, over at Bore Me is the suicide bomber advert that an ad company made for VW, that is causing much mock outrage. Perhaps Hampstead isn't worth bombing?


Photographs of the underground

Photoshop tinted Photographs of London's tube stations - look out for the mighty Uxbridge.


Snow in Vienna

After a bitterly cold day yesterday, I woke up to find it had snowed last night in Vienna and the temperature had risen.
For some reason they put me on the tenth floor in the Hilton, (one of the nicest Hiltons I've been to) and the photo is from my window looking out over the Stadtpark.


AK13 articles

Well I'm enjoying Vienna, but work starts early and finishes too late to see it in the daylight. I've been reading the AK13 magazine's top ten reasons (under series), lots more interesting reading to be had here.



Absolutely bloody amazing - this is lastsound as seen by the TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01:
(click to see full size)

Somehow this all seems very serendipitous.

via boing boing of course.

Sodium Party

What happens if you buy a huge amount of Sodium from ebay and then put it in water? Well Sodium Party does that in increasing amounts. Pyro chemists.


Danes give beer recipe away

under Creative Commons license: Vores ├śl Group recipe, interesting.


more flash - bjork this time

slow loading, but more beautiful Flash from those crazy czechs - this time to Bjork (I think) plantage

Gym Rules - for him and her

Gym rules,not that I go to a gym you understand...

A guide to ripping and encoding music

Ars technica's guide to ripping and encoding music - all those tricky questions Jean's been asking lately (with her iRiver in mind no doubt)



EVEN THOUGH YOU CANNOT PROVE IT - lots and lots ofanswers to that question at THE WORLD QUESTION CENTER 2005



When I was a teacher, I'd indulge in a little creative origami with the kids at the end of term - boxes that require no glue, that sort of thing, but htis is a wallet created using 20 dollar bills - check it: Moneywallet.org, via boing boing of course.