eye of science

eye of science has some fantastic electron microscope pictures of all sorts in amazing colour enhanced detail.


plugging a black hole with duct tape

a fun way of looking at orbits and gravitational fields - try to chuck the duct tape into the black hole game


Christmas in Deal 2004

Yet more seafront photos - this time from Boxing Day.


Errors and science myths

It's a popular misconception - Errors and "science myths" in science textbooks - links to the troublesome ideas (like electrickery) that make simplification tempting, but oh so bad.

beastie boys plus beatles equals Beastles

Bollywood for the Skeptical

lots and lots of bollywood songs with context - Bollywood for the Skeptical


the dark room

a flash puzzle that has prevented me finishing my christmas cards this morning - Wooly Thinking - the dark room


me - i like lists

Best ofs, worst ofs - you want it? try the lists of lists of 2004 (via 50quidbloke)



Stuck inside with small people and it's raining not snowing? try the - Make-a-Flake - A snowflake maker by Lookandfeel new media. No glue, no scissors and no sparkles, but other than that quite fun.


last sound of summer: reflections on 2004

Roadsworth - Montreal Street Art

How cool are these roadmarkings? pity the artist has been arrested - check the flickr slideshow: Zeke's Gallery's Roadsworth - Montreal Street Art slideshow on Flickr, via metafilter, of course.

I Made That is a do-it-yourself kit for kids


Ukulele Beatles

Note to self: Despite Ukulele Beatles Fun!, I do not need a uke, I do not need a uke.


Automated secret santa - become a registered elf


The Last Request


See your own DNA

Guardian's pick of things to do before you die includes: "Extract your own DNA by spitting gargled salt water into diluted washing-up liquid and slowly dribbling ice-cold gin down the side of the glass. Spindly white clumps which form in the mixture are, basically, you."

Pity Year 7 can't all try that in class - maybe year 10 could do it whilst on cross county?

Mantasoft.co.uk Animation: Original Recursive

a man holding a picture of a man holding a picture of a man holding a picture - all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy - don't get too close - you'll fall in: Mantasoft.co.uk Animation: Original Recursive

best songs of 2004

my mp3blog last sound of summer has proved a runaway success in the way that any shop looted by freeloaders is. Fortunately the RSS aggregators cannot see my comments, which i've taken to posting other tracks in occaisionally.

Since only a few people read spamnet, I thought i'd post the link to a zip file of my favorite songs of 2004.

1. kelis - milkshake
2. HAL - worry 'bout the wind
3. embrace - ashes
4. wolfman & pete doherty - for lovers
5. girls aloud - the show

Also on the shortlist:
estelle - 1980
kaiser chiefs - oh my god
the thrills - whatever happened to Corey Haim?
the delays - nearer than heaven
the streets - dry your eyes
charlotte hatherley - kim wilde
22-20s - devil in me
graham coxon - freakin' out
bloc party - helicopter
the stands - all years leaving

Everyone gets

...a slagging in the the guardian - pop, rock and reggae easy pot shots taken in - Don't believe the hype


a snail with a frogs leg

Interesting Flash game: Voet Cranf :: Saltacol v1.0


Organic Flash

Some interesting things going on over at Organic Flash.

PCL LinkDump

In fact, why don't you do yourself a favour and go visit the wonderful PCL LinkDump

George Eastman House Nickolas Muray - Color Prints Series

George Eastman House Nickolas Muray - Color Prints Series - you try and describe the word kitsch without using the term camp.


Star Trek Knitting