Shirt-O-Mat: The Online T-shirt Creator

Shirt-O-Mat: The Online T-shirt Creator looks like a christmas present waiting to happen for so many people.

Big Bang did not create space; it is infinite and eternal- new study


playing all mp3s linked directly from a page

Playr popped up in my referrals list yesterday on lonesome music - a little widget that somehow relates to Flickr and lets you put a button in your links that creates a winamp (or Real if you must) playlist of all mp3s linked directly from a page - Playr


Elvis 2002 by Naoki Mitsuse

Elvis paintings by Naoki Mitsuse, whose previous Elvis paintings are here.


fridge magnet poetry but digital


and so for halloween next year...or maybe christmas this


Protect your Banana

How to Kill a Mockingbird

I have a friend who always thought it would be very funny to teach kids lies, complete fabrications passed off as historical fact.How to Kill a Mockingbird is a literary equivalent.

no man did more

to encourage me out of the teaching profession.

Via jof - the Blunkett policy maker.


why oh why

There was a time when there was a rather attractive woman in Northern Exposure who's character was called Maggie(?), now look.


PS. poor Lesley Ash.


Adesso launches foldable, illuminated keyboards

Adesso launches foldable, illuminated keyboards
can be immersed in any common disinfectant to eliminate the collection of harmful agents as well as prolong the life of the keyboard itself

sounds like baby proofing to me.

JFK Reloaded | Welcome

JFK Reloaded - must not waste too much time on this.


E-Learning Adventures Beyond the LMS

Parkin's Lot: E-Learning Adventures Beyond the LMS - work related article containing the blatantly obvious:

an LMS is often the albatross around the neck of progress in technology-enhanced learning.

Just don't tell our prospective clients ;)


Favourite John Peel quotes

Favourite John Peel quotes, has cheered up lunch time no end.

"Tomorrow night, sessions from the Janitors and The Smiths. Two bands with an 'it' in the middle. Very conceptual this programme gets at times"


Citroen transformer advert


Flash game with optics - one for the physics teachers out there.

Grand Illusions



B3TA has an interview with a preacher that I see every week at Oxford Circus as I (and thother lemmings) all head down the stairs to get on the tube home.

There are days when I just wish he'd shut up - WINNER OR SINNER

Becoming my Dad

klasik.org offer vintage glasses frames so that as well as increasingly looking like my Dad, I can also perfect that "never quite got over Buddy Holly" look.


Star Wars III trailer

starwars III trailer - come on it can't get any worse can it?


QRIME.COM is just one weird site with lots of things to do and see, flash style.



dropload lets you dump large files somewhere in the ether and assign an email address for someone you want to receive it. The file is then deleted automatically after 7 days or so.


Stream Nick Drake Treasury compilation

Nick Drake Uncut - no not one of those telephone box adverts on Tottenham Court Road, but a link to listen to the best guitar player of the seventies. A soothing start to Monday, whilst trying to put the fact that lunch is an hour later than my stomach is expecting.

Star Wars cut out masks

Star Wars, well you never know.

Online confessions.

Not proud offers anonymous online confessions. It's bad to keep it in, but somehow sounding off into the ether(net) seems so petty and ineffectual.