Electron game for friday

Not sure what the transfer is of from one adjacent electron to another, and they are not following the Standard model (at least as far as I've got in the game) - link

Political prisoners as Halloween Costumes

2004's Scariest Halloween Costumes, scroll down. Words fail me.


The dark side of egalitarianism

The Laws of Jante

1. Thou shalt not believe thou art something.
2. Thou shalt not believe thou art as good as we.
3. Thou shalt not believe thou art more wise than we.
4. Thou shalt not fancy thyself better than we.
5. Thou shalt not believe thou knowest more than we.
6. Thou shalt not believe thou art greater than we.
7. Thou shalt not believe thou amountest to anything.
8. Thou shalt not laugh at us.
9. Thou shalt not believe that anyone is concerned with thee.
10. Thou shalt not believe thou canst teach us anything.


Cup of tea may help boost memory

Cup of tea may help boost memory? Not sure if my personal experience bares this out, but anything to celebrate the enormous sense of wellbeing I get from a nice cup of tea.



the ever wonderful gussetblog pointed me towards parishair.com, responsible for some of those fantastic Super Furry Animals videos? Certainly part of the monsterism cartoon-like artwork the band use.


Interactive mona lisa

she laughs, she smiles she gurns - here

top ten socially crippling hobbies

Worst hobbies ever, that is if you have a life outside work.


October house update

Well the extension is all over bar the arguments about payment with the builder. My parents have been around helping with the painting.

Unfortunately I waited too late to take the the photos, these are the most accurate reflection of the colours.

The kitchen and new bit to the kitchen is a light purple colour.

The back bedroom is a warm yellow.

We haven't even cleared up yet, so no structural photos until later in the week.


French cinemas act to jam mobiles

Dear Ken,
Whilst you're putting the aircon on the tubes...

Paintball Game

For once my office today actually looks like this - if you can imagine the Thames flowing down the right hand side, just outside those windows.
Paintball Game


on a lighter note

Damn you metafilter, how am I expected to work? japanese balloon game

Travel writer Pete McCarthy dies

This is tragic, Travel writer Pete McCarthy dies at 51 of cancer. I will miss his books and subtle presenting skills.

StatCounter Free invisible Web tracker

I switched my stats counter from sitemeter to statcounter yesterday.
I'd recommend you do the same - better stats, invisible to users (1 pixel up there on the top right column) and no ugly graphic.


An English Gazetteer

I feel myself, peculiarly English, rather than British. I have no real reason for this, no claim to aristocracy or pride in national sporting/political/pretty much anything else.

Hurrah! then for An English Gazetteer, for sorting out all those village rolling cheese down a hill calender dates for me.

Must perform a quirkafleeg.

Are you playing that right?


Flash Flash Zoom infinitely

One for Bosh i'm sure, this is a very cool image/artwork that zooms using the up and down arrow keys.


Multimap goodness

Multimap goodness - aerial photos overlaid with roadmaps on the mouse hover.

The chances of looking out the window and seeing whether i'm near home or not just got even better.

Via metafilter


Which (Middle) Class Are You?

Which (Middle) Class Are You? - Hornby set apparently.