going wireless

Max was right,should have got a USB transmitter sooner.

Having enjoyed my battery transmitter more on my home computer than with my MP3 player in the car (the wife doesn't like not being able to fast forward things easily) I stumped up the cash for a USB transmitter.

The fact that I've moved my computer and stereo into the new study upstairs and would like to keep the amount of wiring down also played a key factor.

Works like a dream - am currently enjoying the Go! Team immensely.

There's more painting to be done, but I'll post some pictures when it's done.


Genmaps - database of historic maps for UK

What did your hometown look like in 1699? - Genmaps will show you if it was even there.

Slashdot | Simulations and the Future of Learning

A book sparks the usual armchair/server room critics over at slashdot into debate. My favorite is the post

Re: Simulation works

For lots of things. Like driving F1 cars, conquering the universe, dating, and shooting demons with a shotgun. I feel confident I am prepared for any of these things.

gomi no sensei

gomi no sensei has an email interview with a kleptone about their night at the hip-hopera (see link below) - and the ultra clean backing tracks? - Japanese karaoke of course!


Escher for Real

cool topographic modelling in creating Escher for Real


TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook

This is exactly the kind of wiki I've been looking for - small, no serverside stuff. Very cool.

TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook


You can show anything on a flowchart, no really, anything

threetwoone.org have got some to get you going out there in powerpoint land - war of the roses? Hitler family tree? Genesis chapters one through ten?

Come on you know there's got to be a use for these somewhere - even if it is just to test whether Biochemistry is right for you.

Hand Shadows by Henry Bursill


Things to do when a student

Stay up all night to watch the sun come up, steal road signs, drive a dangerously underpowered car and make a really really big sandwich.

Boy in a bubble - iPod withdrawl

The ever reliable Guardian has a piece on one man's rediscovery of the world after being cocooned in his self imposed MP3 isolation - link.

So few people seem to be enjoying the music they listen to on the tube - they'd be better off reading a good book.


Scrabble flash short story

One for Lee and Dom -


indie top trumps

Just thought I'd recommend: Oeillade's indie top trumps.

the kleptones invite you to a night at the hip-hopera

Long term sufferers will know of my love of the kleptones' mighty Yoshimi battles the hip hop robots from last year - well here they are again:
the kleptones invite you to a night at the hip-hopera

LEGO Racers Supersonic RC Game

Flash game for LEGO Racers.


Gary Benchley, Rock Star is back

After a prolonged absence Gary Benchley, Rock Star in waiting is back with a more thoughtful piece on declarations of love following Michael Moore's Farenheit 9-11.

60 real ale pubs to get Wi-Fi as the online community join the on table community

60 real ale pubs to get Wi-Fi, including "The Royal Hotel, Deal"


Woodentop - NEW URL

Sorry for shouting, but I've finally got around to getting a domain sorted for myself


It points straight to my mp3blog of the same name - if you are one of the few with it linked as a favorite or have a feed pointing at it please update your links.



Eitzel, AMC - what are you waiting for?

Read what the Guardian Interview and Guardian Review has to say, then go to amazon and buy the damned record.

Edinburgh airport and the conversation that never was

Last Friday, travelling home to see Embrace at Sheperds Bush I actually managed to catch an early flight (15.10) from Edinburgh to Heathrow.

All was going swimmingly, then 5 minutes before boarding was going to start the fire alarm went off - we all file out (terrible organisation on the part of the airport staff) and I find myself standing outside for the best part of an hour and a half (then we all had to go back through security). Anyway, whilst standing there I notice that I can see both the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams and JK Rowling.

Sadly they were not close enough to be in conversation, but I couldn't help wondering what that particular chat would cover.


last sound of summer - update

Shoegazing spectacular#1 - a bit of ride, slowdive and some moose has just been posted for indie and ex-indie kids everywhere.


QT's Diary

So I'm tracking back a few of the links from last sound of summer - the little list of referrers down the side there, and find QT's Diary. So Quentin Tarantino has a blog now?

Not sure if it's real, or not - but I'm rather hope he was looking for that impossible to find flying saucer attack cover of outdoor miner for the inclusion in his next movie...


even more music now in circulation

Not content with my personal nostalgia-fest that is woodentop, I've branched out to include some of my difficult to get hold of 7" indie on last sound of summer.

I didn't want to interrupt the near chronological order of woodentop, so another outlet seemed the obvious choice.

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics of All Time

Can I resist? Not really, no - memories of waking up at a friends house to the sight of Venom and Celtic Frost posters left me scarred for life - enjoy the Top 10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics of All Time.