woodentop update - now with even more stuff!

Yesterday I got myself some proper webspace and a domain!

Whilst I've yet to sort out the domain and make sure it points to the right place, I have had a chance to review woodentop's postings and put back previous songs covered. I've also got a bit carried away and posted three tracks for the next installment.

Check it out.


What the world needs now is some more ernest young men with guitars

Came across this whilst looking for Whipping Boy links - their album is at a very (pleasantly) surprising £22.70 at the moment in my ebay auction - all my vinyl must go. Enough with the plugging, courtesy of Elephant Stone Records:

DayDream Nation - A New Dawn

A band name that references sonic youth, a song title that references Joy Division, you just know it's going to be a well recorded, Ride style, dream-pop number don't you?


Comments lost, but just a better template

I finally came to terms with the fact that my old template just wasn't going to pickup all the bits and pieces that blogger keep adding to their service. Also since the introduction of their new choice of templates a few months ago, mine was looking a bit naff.

The downside to switching is twofold - the loss of my previous comments, I did have some honest and the loss of my RSS feed from haloscan.

New comments are now very welcome.

Coolfer's Tips For P2P Users

A few handy hints for those who like to preview before they buy, or find that an album is so weak it wasn't worth buying in the first place - Coolfer's Tips For P2P Users


Graffiti Creator

I hate graffiti, it really bugs me. Actually it's tagging that I hate - pointless, meaningless and a bit crap. This Graffiti Creator will at least give a bit of style, and with so many options, if a tagger uses the style, then it should take so long the transport police will catch the little bugger at it.


Converting vinyl to mp3 finally

Selling records and talking about which ones have been sold has finally spurred me into action this week. Using my iRiver120 (no it's not an iPod, no I don't wish it was an iPod, yada yada yada) I've hooked up a single line out from my trusty NAD amp to the line in, messed around with the levels a bit and hey presto, 320 kbps encoded mp3s.

So I recorded the Whipping Boy album, submarine, which is pretty damned good - even better than I remembered it - No wonder it has so many people watching that auction.

Then the strangelove single and finally for my sister Cry all Over Me by the Soft Parade, a song that sounds like Lloyd Cole singing Lou Reed, and trust me that's a good thing.

Update: Cry all over me is now up on woodentop for the rest of the week, or until I get some websapce, whichever happens first.

Note to self - Gmail Notifier

Must install Gmail Notifier.


woodentop update

In an effort to make things more interesting for myself I'm going to try and split the updates for woodentop in two.

So there'll be another one mid-week sometime.

Without any server space to call my own I can only post 10Mb - two songs at 128kbps. So to celebrate my first comment ever, I've posted another personal favorite.


Child Pimp and Ho Costumes

Look at this and tell me you aren't disgusted, yet amused: Child Pimp and Ho Costumes

ebay - now we willl see nerves of steel

Spent most of this afternoon putting up way too many records on eBay. Made some surprisingly tough choices -and there's more to come.


woodentop update

Due to work and the house all getting a bit too much at the moment, I've decided to post two more gems on woodentop to try and cheer myself up. Go and give them a listen.


The monday morning commute

Been a while, so I'll just say that yesterday (Monday) was spent reliving some choice moments with Orbital's swansong - the blue album. Although it felt as if it tailed off after track 6 or 7, the first side was magnificent - playful, clever and emotive.

It must have also been quite a long album (and uneventful journey) because I didn't get to listen to anything else. So I'll add Tuesday morning's tracks as well - see below for minor rant.

There are three bands that make me want to be in a band at the moment - The Blueskins (Kinks style blues-rock), McClusky (fantastic screaming and funny too) and now the Futureheads (as if the Jam had heard At the Drive In as well as the kinks).

Get well soon Ray.


the house is a tip

but the kitchen has doubled in size, better photos when the light is better (and they've done a spot of tidying-up).


Vedic Math from Wired

An amazing shortcut - must look into this :
Wired News: Modern Students Devour Old Math: "Shetty did not know the original Sanskrit verses, but he did know how to crack the square of 85 in less than a second.

"To find the square of any number ending with 5, just put 25 on the right-hand side," he said. "Take the number that precedes five. In this case it is 8. Add 1 to it. So in this case it becomes 9. Multiply 8 and 9. You get 72. 7,225 is the square of 85. It's easy.""

woodentop update

My personal mp3 blog woodentop has new tracks to listen to - this week the wedding present (it was only a matter of time) and the woodentops make me go all dewy eyed.

If you do give them a listen please leave a comment on woodentop.

Good evening, we are not the Fall

An assortment of fall covers, jerusalem is particularly good.

Hard choices at eBay

As I sell off my records it's becoming harder and harder to part with the ones I have kept back.

This morning I've put on several really cherished records - check my list, and there's more to come tomorrow.


Cow poo grocery bags

Yes you read that right, Autralian scientists may be on the verge of creating Cow poo grocery bags (Registration NOT REQUIRED FIRST TIME).

A green alternative to the plastic bags currently taking over a domestic landfill site near you, bacteria are used to create bioploymers - biodegradable plastics.


Via the waxy, www.quamusic.com's astounding devil eyes animation, cute/not so cute/disturbing japanese style animation.


Catch the tube - flash game

Catch the tube, mind the gap.

GMail Goodies

I have been using my Gmail account for the last couple of months. It's OK, but I still haven't redirected all my mail to it just yet. These tools on: Mark Lyon's GMail Loader (GML) - Import Your Mail into GMail, may persuade me to migrate a little quicker - particularly the POP3 and the firefox tweaks.


Where do the weekends go

Well on Saturday morning it was bare plaster.

After deciding a colour over breakfast, by Saturday evening the room was white and white again.

By Sunday afternoon the ceiling was done and there was the first coat of colour paint on the walls.

If it doesn't come out on the photograph the colour is roast almond, and looks like chocolate ice cream.

One more coat and then a dark wood floor, dark wood blind and a nice leather chair.

the eBay assault continues

Plug: take a look at eBay UK Seller List: h_cos, for the considerable number of records I've just put up there this morning between painting the study ceiling (twice) - and I've yet to make a serious dent in the shelf space!


woodentop update

two more blasts from the past on woodentop, my mp3blog that isn't afraid to be mainstream.


lonesome music

lonesome music is a joint blog between me and my sister - providing (lone) some music, the clues in the title. Starting appropriately with The Lonesome Sisters (not that we're sisters, but anyway...)

This is the End of Music

What are your least favorite songs by your favorite artists? How toe curling would that be as a mix CD. This is the End of Music lets you submit the unlistenable for public critique.

Not sure I'd allow cover versions though, but the rules don't mention anything about that.



More New York indietastic tracks, this time from Benzos.

There's also an acoustic version of you're forever an hourglass on their website that's quite good.

Lifelong Love Affair With Music Ends At Age 35

via gussetblog, the Onion hits another nail on the head with it's piece Lifelong Love Affair With Music Ends At Age 35.

Two years to go...

UK Top 40 Chart Archive

British Singles & Album Charts

I have Simon Thornton's blog a mutual misunderstanding to thank for the link to everyHit.com - UK Top 40 Chart Archive, British Singles & Album Charts. Admittedly he's got a vested interest (and has just finished mastering the new fatboyslim album - is that Fluxblog entry up officially yet?)

Anyway, having thoroughly enjoyed listening to A-Ha's Scoundrel days album on the way in to work this morning, I think that the pet shop boys Being Boring has a close running mate in Manhatten Skyline (highest chart position a measly 13 in February 1987 - Piers Le Trobe are you reading this?)


Punk is back

- and it's got a laptop

Wired 's piece Punk at a Moment's Notice makes it all seem like a lot of fun, but then it also smacks of an article I was reading yesterday about viral marketing campaigns aimed at the male 18-30 year old - I'll find the link later.

Flash Creep

LOW MORALE's flash video for an acoustic rendition of Radiohead's Creep is one of the best animations I've seen of a song in ages.


woodentop update

woodentop, my very own personal mp3 blog has another fine brace of tunes for you to enjoy, and wallow in a little nostalgia to.

TEAM AMERICA - Thunderbirds done the right way

The makers of SouthPark are releasing TEAM AMERICA (Trailer) "This Fall".

This would appear to be Thunderbirds US style - instead of helping to save people from disasters, TA are waging the war against terror, one string at a time.


RSSCalendar.com allows you to create an RSS calendar that everyone can access. I can see this being very useful for people who aren't always in the office, attached to a machine with Notes/Outlook etc.

You get a daily, weekly or monthly, and can show/hide events.

Mine for the week is: http://www.rsscalendar.com/rss/feed.asp?t=w&k=edfccb5cf44f7c2c385f8d4470117a0d



My ebay record

My records on ebay seem to be going OK - although noone wanted the Dirt Eaters EP by His name is Alive (can't understand why...)

This weeks big surprise was Ween's Pure Guava, which went for a whopping £49, but I've cocked up putting radiohead singles on - I put them in the album section by mistake and can't seem to switch them to the singles. Hopefully radiohead fans just run a search on radiohead, rather than browse.

Another bunch are flying off my shelves this week too - I need the space and the money. What I really need is a baggy revival - paris angels, farm and northside...


Flash game - use left and right keys to keep the ball from hitting the top of the screen - Falldown