Minibosses play Nintendo Greatest Hits

Last year I found myself getting really into the music in the Japanese cartoons they pump out on Sky1 and breakfast TV at the under tens - Yu Gi Oh!, Bey Blades, that kind of thing. Without exception they were using this super-real heavy metal guitar to pump up the kids so they'd bounce around the room and hit their little sisters. Kind of like Muse, without the guilt, angst, just the pomp,to paraphrase the mighty Roxette - they 'don't bore us they get to the chorus', and prove that even little kids enjoy a good meaty riff.

And it got me wondering if the rise of the Darkness was somehow related?

Anyway, here, via wired are mp3s of a band of grown men called the minibosses running it in reverse - making music from Ninetendo games with guitars Index of /mp3z/Minibosses

Sonic Cathedrals of Sound

Whilst loitering on the DiS forum I found Evil Fox's NME emulator. I would have been disappointed if the NME didn't still spout utter rubbish. Andy, I'll save you the trouble:

El Camino seep under your skin, like Bruce 'The Boss' Springsteen squaring up to
The Vines . They are part gay disco, part chorus line, part glam rock opera.


litter becomes art

have you been to Bob Mould's blog yet? Yes, that Bob Mould - its's on the right, under blogroll and called boblog, he recommended Found Art | Royal Journal a celebration of things noone expected anyone else to find.

wiki wiki is Hawiian for very quick

first RSS feeds and now wikis, when I manage myself out of the job I'm in now, I want to be so well networked thatI can move to the outback in Australia and feel part of the online world. Add, change or generally mess around with my UBCWiki, try out the formatting rules or try the wikipedia as a working example.

spamnet blog will become a thing of beauty

Another template change - again minor tweaks from one off glish, I'm trying to make it look a little less obvious when reading in the office, or more accurately using it in lieu of my bookmarks because I'm on another machine.


slang dictionaries for slanging matches


i can't believe parcelforce actually did something right

i have my mp3 player - hurrah! I've loaded it up with enough music to keep me amused this week at least and am still getting my head around the direct line in from my turntable. this is my personal treat, rather than yet another guitar, although I'm getting one of those too from Alister Atkin, what a lucky bastard I really am.

HP's belated move

Courtesy of the register - HP misses the boat, but climbs on iPod gravy train. At least they're doing something about it unlike IBM, btw. still waiting for my mp3 player (not that I'm confident of being able to sign for it from the laugably incompetent ParcelForce when it does arrive)


Scary dolls

Why?, via sheol

i have to learn to let go of them all

from wax disks to vinyl to tape to CD - music as a consumable finally disappears up it's own wazoo according to Yahoo! - CDs predicted to go the way of vinyl


mr potato head jackson

more joy of flash - like jesus dress up but this time a Mr Potato head style michael jackson - Michael Dragson


commuter hell - an american with a camera on the tube

Check the temperament of commuters worldwide when having their photos taken by David Crawford [Flash plugin required]


celebs get the aging treatment

kylie, jen, nicole and leo take part in a photoshop aging contest


mini iPods cost too much, oh! the surprise!

my wife has already made noises about the new mini ipods, but she won't be getting one as a present if they are to ship at $249 apiece, i'd rather buy her the real deal.


Universe on a page, yes just one, although it might have a fold-out

like, far out! even my managers would appreciate that they've fitted the universe (relative to Earth) 'on a page'.

Mars panorama, or Australia's interior?

it's beautiful, the mars rover's Mars panorama

how many CDs can I burn into 192kbps mp3s?

when my mp3 player finally arrives, hopefully at the end of the week, i'll need this - Waxy.org: Filesize/Bitrate to Minutes Conversion

btw. yesterday was a low for ipod spots on my commute to Oxford Street - only one, i'm already upto 5 today - perhaps the conspicuous white headphones are inviting more attention than admiration?

skinheads are descended from...

the devil is in the (social) detail - Skinhead Family Tree

Keanu Jay-Tyson will be proud of me

thanks to my sister for brightening my dreary day with chavscum - an absolutely definitive guide to a specific segment of UK youth culture


old compilation tape from May 1991

My sister recently found a compilation tape from 080591 that I had made for her whilst at University. I remember making a similar tape to take to Scotland in the January of that year, complete with me singing in the background having unintentionally left the microphone on in the studio.

I've binned almost all my tapes so details about compilations that I made for myself are long gone.

Unusually for me there is no sebadoh towards the end of side two.

Lloyd Cole - 2CV
Ride - Vapour Trail
REM - Shiny Happy People
Throwing Muses - Dylan
Nick Cave - The Ship Song
Elvis Costello - Baby Plays Around
That Petrol Emotion - Tingle
The Beatles - Baby You're a Rich Man
Felt - I Will Die With My Head in Flames
Chapterhouse - Pearl
Bongwater - Kisses Sweeter than Wine
Martin Stephenson - Too Much in Love
Cowboy Junkies - You'll Be Loved Again
Echo and the Bunnymen - Ocean Rain
Beach Boys - God Only Knows
Billy Bragg - Must I Paint You a Picture?
Hugo Largo - Turtle Song
James - Come Home
Galaxie 500 - Isn't it a Pity?
PWEI - Def Con 1
Ruby Blue - Positive Love Song
Inspiral Carpets - Caravan
Wedding Present - My Favourite Dress.


sex education Australian style from this condom manufacturer - Australian Therapeutic Supplies
I'm a minger, You're a minger too, So come on minger, I want to ming with you...


The UK has so little music coverage in it's terrestrial channels that digital TV has been becoming increasingly attractive just lately, but reading this - Kitty Empire hails the new music cable channels, I'm not sure it's the answer I'm looking for. narrowcasting indeed.
a little light relief for friday - The Political Compass asks lots of loaded american style questions and then plots you on a little chart of authoritarian - libertarian vs (US)left - (US)right.
Amusingly I found out that in the current US political climate I'm somewhere close to Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama, although how they ever came to find this website and take the test I'm not sure, I notice Saddam seems to have taken it too...


via slashdot - removing password protection from word forms - this is not standard password protection, for that you need vbakey (GFIY).


courtesy of the modern humorist comes the Jim Morrison Simulatron

on a more statistical, but sadly too american note, head on over to name statistics and find out how many people share your name(s).
my wife's not so secret addiction - bookworm game