on this map - tubemap I guess I live near the circle line...


be afraid, be very afraid - Shatner to release new album
lowgold's we don't have much time - video is really quite disturbing, i feel like eating ice cream all of a sudden...
now this i like - HowStuffWorks, tells you, er, how stuff works.


just to clarify that the proposed morse code for @ is actually .--.-., that's dot dash dash dot dash dot


From a slashdot discussion on wierd presents received comes the Realhamster website as a suggested alternative to a Realdoll.
More provocative images - this time Christmas themed here with some cracking examples of Banksy all courtesy of the Guardian.


what it's like to come home drunk with varying percentage alcohols and ten ads americans won't see, both via the beautifully named gussetblog.


I've added quite a few more music sites in the links list on the left.


luckily I used to be a high school teacher and escaped the yearly ritual of presents from sticky handed small children, unlike the author of Cheesy Gifts For Teachers


Fractal Recursions with my favorite jellyfish
check the beautiful flash stuff at d-art_v1.2, i like the nintendo revival.

flash heavy tonight, apologies - another beautiful site at safeplaces.net
now this is amusing for at least the 4 or 5 seconds it takes to make your barcode:Barcode Maker


new template - 3 fixed width columns courtesy of glish, css compliant and all without a table in sight.
fresh via slashdot this Winamp5 article and a links to download. hurrah!
This is a listening list for my last work project - each NHS number represents a week's worth of listening, with the remaining four weeks ofthe project made up by gong back and picking out my favorite bits from each.

Some of these I've had for a few years, others were new this year, somewhere near the end I ran out of UK releases that were of any interest and turned to pitchfork's best of the 90's for a bit of interest.

Unfortunately almost every single one their suggestions was crap, but I listened to them anyway.

alison krauss & union station - live
beyonce - dangerously in love (great singles, too long)
cud - leggy mambo (mislabelled file, on CD by accident)
elbow - cast of thousands
har mar superstar (if ron jeremy played prince songs)
justin timberlake - justified
nick drake - second grace (yet another bootleg - and i thought i had it all after those children's radio programs about pirates)
red hot chili peppers - by the way (great singles, too long)

athlete - vehicles and animals
black rebel motorcycle club - take them on, on your own (i think it unlikely they would)
emmylou harris - red dirt girl
fairport convention - what we did on our holidays (sadly not as good as remembered it being)
gillian welch - live and obscure
handsome family - weightless again (disappointing)
mojave 3 - spoon and rafter
rl burnside - mr wizard
waifs - sink or swim (australian folk-pop nonsense)
gorky's zygotic mynci - sleep

cody chestnutt - headphone masterpiece (no, it's not)
furry lewis - shake 'em on down
gorky's zygotic mynci - 20 singles and eps (what i imagine magic mushrooms feel like)
kraftwerk - tour de france (made me want to cycle)
lush - gala (indie flashbacks started around here)
mis-teeq - eye candy (scandalous is absolutely genius, the rest doesn't have enough of the chatting)
pj harvey - dance at louse point (dour and dull)
rl burnside - mississippi hill country

calexico - feast of wire (the title aptly describes my feeling after listening to it all the way through, almost enough to make me want to give up the guitar)
christopher o'riley - true love waits (radiohead muzak)
longview - mercury (noone in this band breaks into a sweat at any point on this record)
muse - absolution
ravonettes - whip it on (can't remember if the songs are all in b major or minor, the tunes are that memorable, still better than the brmc though)
ride - tarantula (about those indie flashbacks...)
savath + savalas - post rock (post dull)
slowdive - i am the elephant (sountrack to a film that i didn't know existed - another indie flashback, but somehow more interesting than s+s)
tim burgess - i believe (poptabulous lightweight album, you can see why the rest of the charlatans won't let him get away with this sort of thing normally)

the chameleons - strip
clearlake - cedars (i liked lido, this was good too)
cluster - zuckerzeit (krautrocksampler led me to be curious)
cooper temple clause - kick up the fire (their haircuts are better than their music, just)
i am kloot - i am kloot (maudlin scouse pop rock)
jet - get born
martin simpson - when i was on horseback
neil young - on the beach (mercifully short)
radio4 - gotham!
starsailor - silence is easy (two chords are not always a song, i look forward to silence is easy...naked)

blue states - nothing changes under the sun
budapest - too blind to hear (lemington band with big sound)
clearlake - lido
goldrush - dont' bring me down (utterly unremarkable, oh, hang on...)
grand drive
mars volta - deloused at the crematoria (preposterous in all the right places, too prog to eat a whole one)
popol vuh - tantric songs
shack - here's tom with the weather
the pattern - real feelness (see goldrush)

grandaddy - sumday
liars - they threw us in...
pavement - slanted and enchanted REDUX (a work of genius, very pretty, frat-boy genius)
richard thompson - old kit bag
the sleepy jackson - lovers
soledad brothers - voice of treason
the hiss - panic movement

belle and sebastian - dear catastrophe waitress
blackcar - blackcar
damien rice - o
electric soft parade - the american adventure (the boo radleys tribute band continue with their second album)
eliot smith - figure 8
james yorkston and the athletes - moving up country
popol vuh - hosiaana mantra
the catheters - static delusions and stone still days
the jeevas - 1-2-3-4 (the sort of band phonogram has been expecting to make it big for bloody years, Octopus! , here shockingly released on Cowboy because noone else would touch it with yours)
travis - 12 memories (imagine the colour of dishwater near the end of the washing up, when someone helpfully puts a few half-full mugs of tea and/or coffee in so that they look busy)
ween - quebec (not even patchy)
bandits - and they walked away
bob brozman - digdig
x is greater than y - negative snow (muscular guitar left me with indigestion)

christina aguilera - stripped
donnie darko OST
fleetwood mac - peter green's fleetwood mac
david crosby - if only i could remember my name
johnny greenwood - bodysong (pretentious doesn't even begin to describe this, twaddle might be a starting point for negotiations...)
mew - frengers (preposterous)
movietone - the sand and the stars
mull historical society - us
pitman - it takes a nation of tossers (it may be a one joke idea, but it's a great joke)
sugarbabes - three

ours - precious
brian wilson - pet projects
can - tago mago
pebbles - volume 6
stereolab - instant 0 in the universe
the strokes - room on fire
yardbirds - roger the engineer
zombies - odessey and oracle

beulah - the coast is never clear
bruce springsteen - nebraska (great)
jack johnson - brushfire fairytales
bubba sparxxx - deliverance
detroit cobras
duncan sheik - phantom moon
high llamas - beet maize and corn (their best in years)
mclusky - mclusky do dallas (amazingly life affirming, danny baker baiting shouty enjoyment)
pixies - purple tape
ryan adams - heartbreaker (OK, it's good I know that now)
ryan adams - rock 'n roll (but this is crap)
manitoba - start breaking my heart (the electronica of my remembered childhood, although i'm sure with hypnotherapy it would sound more like major morgan and ice cream vans)

dashboard confessional - swiss army romance (something of the billy bragg's without the politics)
aqualung - still life (still going?)
death cab for cutie - transatanticism (pleasingly american sounding)
funeral for a friend - casually dressed and deep in conversation (turgid, with a capital TURD)
missy elliot - under construction (Dom's old skool reccomendation was much enjoyed)
outkast - speakerboxxx/the love below (both patchy)
pedro the lion - control

dashboard confessional - amark, a mission, a brand, a scar
Mark Olson & The Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers
kylie - body language
ludacris - chicken and beer (boring)
manitoba - up in flames
neko case - blacklisted (boring)
obie trice - cheers (boring)
panjabi mc - legalised bhangra (lightbulbs! lightbulbs!)
the vines - highly evolved
van dyke parks - song cycle (mad)

silver jews - american water
boards of canada - music has the right to children
decemberists - her majesty
the dismemberment plan - emergency and i
bonnie prince billy - i see a darkness
* oval - 94diskont
ryan adams - love is hell part I (much better than rock 'n roll, his smiths pastiche made me realise how much morrissey had to live the part of morrissey, imagine if he'd been caught kiddy-fiddling how we'd feel about the smiths back catalogue then, all those tales of being lonely, wanted and wanting, ...not that ryan adams has, just to make that clear)
the bluetones - luxembourg
oasis - the masterplan
the shins - chutes too narrow

built to spill - there's nothing wrong with love
godspeed you black emperor - f# a#
guided by voices - bee thousand
neutral milk hotel - in the aeroplane over the sea
modest mouse - the lonesome crowded west
olivia tremor control - dusk at cubist castle
primal scream - dirty hits
flaming lips - the soft bulletin
I've come to an increasing appreciation of what blogging has to offer the internet user, and it's increasing importance as far as content goes (well aprt from my own blog). Yes a lot of them are written in bastardized txtspeak, but I look forward to those that develop with the authors.

This from a blog I came across:

On an average day, 66 million adults go online for one reason or another says a recent Pew Report.

I want you to note this statistic in their recent survey results: on that average day 1% of those 66 million adults create a blog (weblog).

That's 660,000 people creating a blog on most days of the week--a statistic reported from a survey done more than a year ago.

Do the math. This is not a fad.

an absolutely beautiful website at future farmers which lead me to visit this slightly unnerving, but well designed corporate network site they rule


new banner - not very flattering I know.


This one's [sound] for you Andy.


The Darkness' Christmas Video: Come on kids, don't let the bells end! the only acceptable way to play a double necked guitar, also christmas minisite here .
The Guardian reckons We are all nerds now, fair enough.
Gluttony the american way according to kwota

no idea how I came to find this.
The moon song [sound] right up there with badger badger for my net songs of the year.


kazaa lite is dead, never used it much anyway, but it was infinitely preferable to the spyware infested kazaa - a piece of software I think everytime I watched the BBC programme on parasites 'Bodysnatchers' [sick photos]. Or maybe I've got that the wrong way around?
After a bit of serruptitious stalking via the amazon wish lists, I came across these nerdy Christmas presents at wired, including crocheted laptop bags, bacteria soft toys and some really busy ties, any of these would be cool.


Thanks to my sister once again for this Flash animation:Tidings of hygiene and joy [sound] from the Food Standards Agency Ireland.
I was searching for avatars of taste following a forum outburst on DiS and hit this article about the popularity of the TV show queer eye for the straight guy. I thought it was an interesting premise for a US show.

[edit]Hmmm, perhaps following that choice of singles of the year below with this article could prove misleading...[/edit]
Albums of 2003

  1. Vehicles and Animals - Athlete (repetition leads to earworms)

  2. Welcome to Winners - Lowgold (gets warmer and more human with each listen)

  3. Soul Journey - Gillian Welch (a perfect fourth installment)

  4. Spoon and Rafter - Mojave3 (perfect hangover music)

  5. Permission to Land - The Darkness (if you don't get the music, you'll think it's a joke)

  6. Youth and Young Manhood - Kings of Leon

Honorable mentions

Singles of 2003

  1. Crazy in love - Beyonce (there didn't need to be any other single released this year)

  2. Slow - Kylie (Kraftwerk never sounded quite as erotic as this)

  3. LA Ex - Rachel Stevens (a strangely Shania-esque excursion)

  4. Senorita - Justin (not as good as Like I love you, but that'll do, pig)

  5. Beautiful - Christina (best song on an over long album by miles)

  6. Pass the Dutch - Missy Elliot (best use of the word rectum)

  7. Seven Nation Army - White Stripes (best use of the word Witchita)

  8. Golden retriever - super furry animals (for the Dr Who like intro)

  9. Santa Cruz - The Thrills (because we actually had a Summer this year)

  10. out of time - blur (probably the last blur single I'll ever buy)

Honorable mentions

Concerts of 2003

  1. Brian Wilson & the Wondermints - Pet Sounds - Royal Festival Hall (a near perfect evening)

  2. Gillian Welch - Birmingham Irish Centre (bingo tables and an intermission!)

  3. Mojave3 - Oxford Zodiac (every song a pedal steel solo)

  4. Lowgold - Camden lock (why don't more people care about them?)

  5. The Darkness - Wolverhampton Civic Hall (if Sheffield is UK's city of Rock, Wolverhampton must come a close second)

  6. Radiohead - Earls Court (hate Earls Court, loved the songs)

The Onion's least essential albums of 2003 is out, and I'm busy compiling a few lists for 2003 myself.
Much amusement at the halfbakery - a site for those ideas that make perfect sense after a few.


worlds oldest todger
This is why I switched to blogging my internet experience.


As pointed out by my sister, a Letter to the Taxman that intimates a level of sustained annoyance I myself have reserved soley for British Gas salespeople.


can you get out on parole after a thirty year stretch?
Punctuation - quiz, 10 questions to test yourself with - BBC - How's your punctuation?


tea time posts: japanese cartoons that blur fact and fantasy by combining female models with anime style faces - surprisingly uncomfortable viewing.

1d tetris and

Click Play this game link to play with the ninja stick men.
Now this is a definitely the world's smallest pong game


a friend's christmas request led me to Future Forests and this CO2 calculator for flight, transport and household stats.
I'd come across Godwin's law a few years ago and had forgotten it, not being a usenet fan. Following a heated discussion online I looked it up again.

Godwin's Law:
As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.

and my favorite corollary:
Van der Leun's Corollary
As global connectivity improves, the probability of actual Nazis being on the Net approaches one.

This must surely apply to forums, or is it just the ones I read?


Thanks to the register for pointing out this cheerful website, mylastemail.com allowing people to have their last email sent posthumously.
Following a brief discussion at work on whether Mozart or Hitler was the most famous Austrian I was reminded of this Google search engine comparison site: Google Fight (Mozart won with 2,300,000 to Hitler's 2,040,000), I feel obliged to mention GoogleWhack just to balance things and because I'm off to see Dave Gorman in his Googlewhack show next week - a Googlewhack is when the input of two single words (no quote marks) bring up a single search result in Google.