Make yourself feel better (if you're American anyway) by returning those stolen mp3s sat on your hard drive - Send Them Back!!
The best named blog in a long time: My Boyfriend Is A Twat gets a mention for its name alone.


white thirtysomething indie kids rejoice Pitchfork's Top 100 Albums of the 1990s Redux - I love a good list.


Sometimes things just get weirder, take a look at Which book of the Bible are you? and answer a five short multiple guess questions to gain a new perspective.

fyi: here's mine, and it's just so true ;)
You Are Romans
Flash fun at the The Meatrix. It's a little worthy and laboured, but well put together and not the vegan hard sell I was expecting by the end of it.

I'd been meaning to visit slowfood for sometime and suggest you take a look too.
courtesy of waxy.org this is really weird - I have an album with li' markie samples by Bongwater in which he plays a terminally ill child, here he is an unborn foetus, enjoy lil' markie's Diary of an Unborn Child all together now-"Why did you kill me mommy? I really wanted to see you and put my little arms around you
Thanks so much to the blogger for providing this little beauty of a website: Awful Plastic Surgery mere moments after a Lesley Ash - Why did you do it love? conversation


It started with Lionel...
Now we can't stop thinking what other British common first names contain animal names:


or how about names cross pollinating to give animals?
Anthony+ Penelope = Antelope
Zebedi + Deborah = Zebra
Stroke gives woman British accent (BBC) does exactly what it says on the tin.


voice of the free press discussed here (warning - contains language!) excerpt: "Jesse Sheidlower’s “The F- Word,” the first dictionary devoted to a single English term, lists 28 senses of it as a verb and 17 as a noun. Upon its publication, U.S. News & World Report declared “The last taboo has fallen.”"

The F- Word reviewed with aplomb
one beagle whose scrotum was dragging the floor after its owner had replaced the dog's small testicles with large Neuticles from the Dallas observer - Is this a factitious disorder like Munchausen by proxy?
I went here looking for answers but am none the wiser
Spam victim goes mental and threatens penis enlarging advertising firm with physical violence is sent to court (for threatening behaviour)
"the problem stemmed from a program he mistakenly downloaded from the Internet that brought a continuous stream of advertising to his computer." Oh yes I always press the Always Trust Content from button as well...story here
just heard the Darkness's Christmas single - Christmas (don't let the Bells end) on the radio. tea came out of my nose as I snorted laughing its the sheer genius.

yes it is derivative, but does that really matter? Visit
the darkness rock and watch their majestic videos.
Possibly the best teaching aid I have ever considered using (insert double entendre here) the BBC's magnificent Things Around You have made their masterwork - the Periodic Table (BBC website) available for all to enjoy.
A single graphic version is available (warning:large file) here.
now this looks handy, even if I don't suffer messenger problems myself, how to uninstall windows messenger - redemption in a blog: How to really kill Windows Messenger


promised as "erotic mathematics" these images look more like baby scan pictures to me: Gallery Room 8