About the blog and me

It started when I go curious as to what the Blog This button did on my Google toolbar...

Now I know, but don't use Internet Explorer anymore for anything other than work's intranet site, so rely on the Blog This extension to Firefox.

If you haven't bothered reading any of the blog entries, I'm vaguely techie, with a job in eLearning, been doing that for five years, previously I was a Physics teacher in Northolt.

I have a guitar owning fetish (14 at the time of writing), listen to an inordinate amount of music, most of which I admit is a bit crap and subsidize my lovely wife in her career with the civil service. We have two cats, a large house with an extension pending and generally lead the kind of middle class life I could only dream of as a teacher. The downside is that I am rarely home during the week as work is normally project based anywhere apart from London.

I'm still using Blogger, but think of moving to movabletype at least once a week, but can't be arsed.

The graphics are kept with photobucket, who offer an excellent service with very few restrictions, other than not being able to post my .ico file there.

Sitemeter do my stats, and the free package is detail enough for me, and I suspect most blogs with only one real page.